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Who We Serve

There are reasons why each of us are the way that we are – why we earn the money that we do, why we spend our money in the way that we do, and why we save money in the manner that we do. At Coastal Family Business Advisors, our role is to uncover what makes you “you.”

Our clients are all types, but they regularly share a few qualities. They desire a helping hand to move forward with their finances, and they have complex financial needs which require an advisor with a compassionate view and disposition. We believe we bring a degree of empathy and authenticity to our role that is absolutely necessary when dealing with challenging circumstances.

Our areas of specialty include, but are not limited to, the following:

Business Owners

Small business owners often desire to keep control over every aspect of their business, yet do not have the leftover time to keep a sharp eye on their personal finances. We help business owners convert their successful businesses into long-lasting wealth by making sure they have plans in place. Your plan may involve:

  • Protecting your business and personal assets
  • Preparing for unexpected circumstances (to you or a key employee)
  • Choosing a retirement plan that works best for you and your employees
  • Planning your transition out of the business

LGBTQ+ Community

Seventy percent of the LGBTQ community has reported being behind when it comes to saving for retirement, versus 63 percent of the general population1. It’s no secret that LGBTQ individuals and couples face their own unique legal and financial decisions when planning for the future, due to decades of discrimination, lack of marriage rights, and other challenges like extra costs when starting a family. In addition to helping answer common questions such as how much you need for retirement and when to retire, we help same-sex couples with concerns such as Social Security, retirement benefits, health insurance options, and more.

Medical Professionals

We Use the “Relationship Manager” Approach

Here, we are different.

Here, our firm exists so that you can save time and money.

Here, we seek ways to eliminate even the tiniest frustrations regarding dealing with the day to day operations of your financial life.

Here, instead of dealing with multiple firms and the various professionals in those firms who invariably come and go, you will be introduced to a more personalized, streamlined and consistent approach.

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